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Scouting At Home Woodlands Virtual Camp

Dear Scout leaders,

Scouting At Home Woodlands Virtual CampWe hope you are all healthy and well and starting to look at restarting Scouting after lock-down and for the time being we’ve had to find new ways of running activities. Devon’s Scouts annual Woodlands camp is no different, we know these are unprecedented times and they add new challenges to leaders.

This year’s Woodlands Scout Camp is slightly different than before to meet the governments and Scouting rules, it will be virtual which means that although we will not be together physically we will all be on-line and virtually together.

We hope that you will ensure all your Scouts are aware of the event and opportunity and encourage them to join in.

The event is principally open to Scout Section but as it is on-line we obviously cannot stop others in the family from joining in and enjoining the event. In fact we would encourage it! We will be contacting the Cub Leaders as well as we know a number of Cub Scouts who should have joined the Scout section and may not have, we hope this event will aid with the linking activity for the Moving On Award.

The idea of the event is that people join in with as many of the activities they want to, whether it is a few items or all of them. That’s OK with us.

The main event will be on the Saturday when we will be running a modified on-line Passport game to play. The young people have to down load the passport book and when completed send in an email and points will be counted and winners announced at the closing ceremony on Sunday at 10.00am.

You may have noticed the brilliant camp badge we have and that was designed by Marco of Tiverton District, this is the first part of a two part badge. To gain the badge young people have to fill in the online form and send in, the badges for Scouts in Devon is free, for others there is a small charge as detailed on the online form, all the details are on the web site, http://devonscouts.org.uk/virtualwoodlands/

All activities are targeted at the scout section. If you have just moved from Cubs to Scouts then you can join in, the activities are split into sessions, you may want to do them all or only some of them, you do not need to try and squeeze them in all over the weekend.

We have tried to design the program around items we think most people may have at home, but there may be some bits you need to get in advance.

Do not feel restricted by our list, it is not exhaustive and every family is individual and unique, each of you will want to get different things from your virtual Woodlands camp, please do be as creative as you want to be with your ideas and adapt the activities to suit what you have especially those of you still shielding or self-isolating. Spreading your wings beyond your own home can be difficult.

The program is on the Devon Scouts website. Please check for changes but the outline is
09:30 opening ceremony and introduction to the passport game
09:45 Passport game commences
20:00 Camp fire commences
07:30 Wakey shakey
10:00 Closing ceremony and results of the passport game.

However the first thing Scouts and yourself have to do is either, pitch a tent in the garden, build a den with blankets or boxes, or make a shelter or if feeling brave put up your hammock.
The activities can be joined via the Virtualwoodland website http://devonscouts.org.uk/virtualwoodlands/ or
scouting at home- Devon Scouts, facebook page,https://www.facebook.com/groups/205462604049438